So it's been quite some time since I've published anything substantive on the the web for others to read, so perhaps it is time to change that. I'd like to document my (very early) blogging setup.
For a long time now, I've been playing with places to store information. In university I used moin moin (a wiki) to take all my class notes and the setup worked pretty well. It worked regardless of internet connection and it was really easy to share with people. I also managed to find a handy little script + exention to take notes pretty effortlessly in emacs.
But after I graduated I basically stopped using it. This was mostly due to the fact I no longer had take long form structued (and interlinked) notes.
I've also played with simplenote, but the lack of a good linux client threw me off.
At present, I am playing with evernote. I really like that they have clients for almost everything (DAMN YOU LACK OF LINUX SUPPORT!) but that is partly mitigated by two tools: geeknote, and everpad
Geeknote is a command line interface for evernote and everpad adds a nice little tray icon to ubuntu and the ability to search notes from the dash. Geeknote lets me write a little script to blog from the command line.
Another awesome tool for evernote I have discovered is called which is allowing me to blog from evernote and the command line thanks to geeknote.
Hopefully this is the first of more posts to come on my new blog